The first professional, digital testing and training system for multidirectionale and cognitive speed

Exceeding performance limits

SpeedCourt is a functional measurement and training system that has been established in the sports and rehabilitation market for over a decade. In a unique way, both cognitive and athletic processes are validly measured and trained in the range of milliseconds. Every single component of the mobile SpeedCourt is of international quality standard. The modular construction also allows for individual design and can thus be adapted to the most diverse requirements. Convince yourself!

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Close up of a SpeedCourt flooring module with patented speed-lock system and Gerflor sports floor

Quality made in Germany!

portable flooring system

The floor elements of the mobile SpeedCourt are manufactured precisely, accurately and individually. Easy and quick assembly as well as particularly high durability are important criteria in the implementation of the technical and sports functional requirements for the quality of the SpeedCourt. Depending on the customer’s requirements, both a point-elastic PVC sports floor and a FIFA-certified artificial turf can be selected on an area-elastic substructure.

portable flooring system

Global leader

Innovative sports flooring

We work exclusively with premium manufacturers. The PVC sports flooring processed in the SpeedCourt offers the perfect solution for all requirements – from pure playing fun to school and leisure sports and professional sports. Aspects such as sure-footedness, force reduction, joint protection and safety are top priorities. The sports flooring also stands out in a variety of color combinations with an attractive look and an easy-care surface.

Close up of the Gerflor sports floor. Athlete with red shoes and white adidas sports socks trains on the SpeedCourt in anthracite base color and yellow sensor surfaces.
Close up of an unfilled artificial turf of the company Fieldturf


Unfilled artificial turf

As an alternative to the PVC sports floor, the mobile SpeedCourt can also be made with artificial turf. For us, the most important thing is to work with a material that provides both force reduction, good slip resistance, high fiber stability, durability and, last but not least, a good look-and-feel. At the same time, it is of high importance for us to work with a material that meets our high-quality requirements for the intensive multidirectional acceleration & deceleration movements even without infill materials. Granules and sand are rather less desired indoors and in combination with technology.
The manufacturers we consider supply FIFA-certified artificial turf with corresponding football-specific functionality.



error-free measurement

Tactile sensor technology

An essential component of our SpeedCourt are the tactile sensors permanently installed in the floor elements. The physically wired sensor technology provides reliable and absolutely precise as well as error-free measurements in the range of milliseconds at any time. With one-time installation without repetitive calibration procedures, the maintenance effort is minimal.

Close up of the SpeedCourt sensor. Athlete with red shoes and white adidas sports socks trains on the SpeedCourt in anthracite base color and yellow sensor surfaces.
sensor technology
iPad - Dashboard - Oberfläche der integrativen GlobalSpeed SpeedPro Software zur Organisation, Steuerung und Auswertung von Test- und Trainingsprogrammen mit unter anderem SpeedCourt, SpeedDMS und SpeedTrack
MacBook - Auswertung - Oberfläche der integrativen GlobalSpeed SpeedPro Software zur Organisation, Steuerung und Auswertung von Test- und Trainingsprogrammen mit unter anderem SpeedCourt, SpeedDMS und SpeedTrack
iPad - Dashboard - interface of the integrative GlobalSpeed SpeedPro software for organizing, controlling and evaluating test and training programs with SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack, among others.
MacBook - Evaluation - Interface of the integrative GlobalSpeed SpeedPro software for organization, control and evaluation of test and training programs with SpeedCourt and SpeedTrack among others.

SpeedPro 2.0

SpeedPro 2.0 is the further development of the previous software SpeedPro. Through our years of experience, as well as an active exchange with our customers and partners, we have developed a very intuitive and, in all areas, efficient software in-house. The openly designed software is regularly extended with new exercise protocols from the categories Agility, Brain & Vision, Diagnostics, Jumps & Tapping, Reactive Agility, Technique & High Performance as well as Rehabilition & Return-to-Play and also offers the possibility to independently program your own ideas into the system.
As a special highlight, the multiplayer mode promises testing and training under almost real game and competition conditions.



SpeedPro 2.0 offers the possibility to measure and train with up to 6 athletes at the same time simple jump and tapping tests, but especially game-like competition situations as a team or in duels.

Central training control

SpeedPro 2.0 increases the efficiency of your training. Thanks to central control, the coach can supervise all GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems. The coaches are free to define the training content in advance or to actively adjust it during the training.


All data collected by our measurement and training systems are compiled in our in-house programmed software SpeedPro 2.0. The automatic, centralized collection of all performance data creates a holistic performance profile of each athlete.


With the integrated RFID system, a fast and automated registration of the athletes is possible. Each athlete is assigned a correspondingly coded RFID wristband with which the system can be started independently by the trainee. Our RFID unit can be easily linked to already existing systems of the customer.


The evaluation tool allows the creation of exercise and athlete-specific development charts in long-term and short-term analysis. It represents an useful mean for the identification of strengths and weaknesses (team comparisons, individual evaluation, profiles).

Integration VBG test procedures / FMS

On the SpeedCourt, recognized test procedures for rehabilitation and preventive diagnostics such as Y-balance test, single leg jump, side hop, FMS and DMS can easily be carried out and integrated into the database.

Clients & Professionals


Soccer World Champion and Champions League Winner Philipp Lahm at the SpeedCourt in his annual summer camp in Munich, organized by Philipp Lahm Foundation.

Philipp Lahm

Soccer World Champion 2014 / Champions League Winner 2013 FC Bayern Munich

“The SpeedCourt is a great opportunity to develop speed at all levels in a goal-oriented and fun way, especially for children and young people.”

Portrait photography of Oliver Riedwyl, SFV athletics coach, A national team

Oliver Riedwyl

SFV Athletics Coach / A National Team

“The SpeedCourt does not just develop speed! This measuring and training system also developes complete cognitive processes. Subsequent athletic training on the SpeedCourt motivates the players enormously, as they use a ranking measurement to identify not only their own progress, but also the progress of their teammates. The result is an incredibly beneficial competition within a team. Thanks to athlete-centered and scientific training and movement analyzes, the quality of every player is visibly improved from training session to training session.”

Portrait photography Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Reinsberger, University of Paderborn, Department of Sports Medicine, Department of Sport & Health

Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Reinsberger

University of Paderborn, Head of Institute for Sports Medicine, Department of Sport & Health

“We have been working with SpeedCourt here at the Sports Institute in Paderborn for several years. The reliability of the data, the flexibility of the system and the always uncomplicated and fast support of the GlobalSpeed team in practical and theoretical questions are a great help to us in our scientific work”.

Portrait photography Mike Steverding, owner MS SportReha, former head of physiotherapy A national team Austria

Mike Steverding

Owner MS SportReha, former head of physiotherapy A national team Austria

“Diagnostic and training tools such as SpeedCourt are important aids for us to make existing strengths, but even more importantly weaknesses in the performance of our athletes or patients visible, so that we can work specifically on these deficits.
For the athletes, this information is a crucial trigger and motivational aid in their daily training routine.
The SpeedCourt is an integral part of our daily rehab and performance work.”

Portrait photography Patrick Reich, managing director Athletes Lab Cologne

Patrick Reich

Managing Director Athletes Lab Cologne

“The SpeedCourt has been a central component in my athlete support for years in the areas of diagnostics, performance and rehabilitation.
An absolutely innovative training tool that is convincing for me in terms of measurement accuracy and reliability and which is very important to me as well as to the professional clubs. The SpeedCourt software is extremely versatile and powerful. The GlobalSpeed team is also enormously flexible when it comes to individual software adaptations and is an outstanding service provider at all times.”

Portrait photography Dr. Karsten Schul, DSHS Köln, Cognition- and Sports Games Research

Dr. Karsten Schul

German Sport University Cologne, Cognition- and Sports Games Research

“In the context of our research, we are interested in topics such as slow and fast thinkers or slow and fast movers, among others. For these and numerous other research questions in the areas of performance diagnostics and control, we gain many interesting insights for sports practice from working with the SpeedCourt.”

Portrait photography Christos & Gabi Karavassilis, Owner karafit & physio Heidelberg, Physiotherapist MLP Academics Heidelberg & SNP BasCats USC Heidelberg

Christos & Gabi Karavassilis

Owner karafit & physio Heidelberg, Physiotherapist MLP Academics Heidelberg & SNP BasCats USC Heidelberg

“Besides the enormous variety of SpeedCourt, we really like the new possibilities to record VBG tests, Y-Balance Test, Functional Movement Screen, etc. in the SpeedCourt database.
The GlobalSpeed team is always easy to reach and helpful.”

Portrait photography Christos & Gabi Karavassilis, Owner karafit & physio Heidelberg, Physiotherapist MLP Academics Heidelberg & SNP BasCats USC Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Marco Taubert

Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Department Training Science (focus on cognition and movement)

“We have been using the SpeedCourt system for several years in our projects to study action speed in sports games. The system has proven itself and offers us laboratory-like conditions for our research. At the same time, it provides the desired sports game proximity to be able to transfer new findings into practice.”


Find the right SpeedCourt for your facility and contact us!
We advise you on open questions and create your individual offer.



  • 2.05m x 2.05m

  • 1 central double sensor
    4 outside sensors

  • 3 floor modules

  • sports floor / artificial turf

  • PC + software SpeedPro 2.0
    (no license fees)

  • 49” monitor

  • tailored touch terminal

  • additional result monitor

  • leasing



  • 4.57m x 4.23m

  • 1 central double sensor
    8 outside sensors

  • 17 floor modules

  • sports floor / artificial turf

  • PC + software SpeedPro 2.0
    (no license fees)

  • 55” monitor

  • tailored touch terminal

  • additional result monitor

  • leasing



  • 6.30m x 6.49m

  • 1 central double sensor
    8 outside sensors

  • 33 floor modules

  • sports floor / artificial turf

  • PC + software SpeedPro 2.0
    (no license fees)

  • 65” monitor

  • tailored touch terminal

  • additional result monitor

  • leasing

Frequently asked questions

Are there different models of the SpeedCourt?

The SpeedCourt is available as a portable system and as a fixed installation variant in various sizes.

Is the SpeedCourt available in different colors?

If ordered early, the SpeedCourt can be produced in different color combinations.

Which target groups can work with SpeedCourt?

For many years, SpeedCourt and all other GlobalSpeed systems have been established in different areas. From small commercially operated training and rehabilitation facilities to professional clubs such as the German Bundesliga football clubs Bayern Munich and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, our measurement and training systems are used worldwide.

Which parameters can be measured with SpeedCourt and all other GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems?

All GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems work with tactile sensors that measure different parameters in various exercises. These include contact times, reaction times, split times (for linear sprint measurements), total times, anticipation times, distances, tapping frequencies, jump heights (based on flight time), left-right comparisons, etc.

Can VBG jump protocols for the return-to-process be tested and measured on the SpeedCourt?

Various VBG training and test protocols can be carried out with the SpeedCourt. In addition to classics such as counter movement jump and drop jump, side hop and single-leg hop-for-distance tests are implemented in the SpeedPro software.

What technology do all GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems mainly work with?

All GlobalSpeed measurement and training systems are equipped with contact sensors. These tactile sports sensors work on the basis of the highest standards, react within milliseconds even at low forces and are physically linked to the SpeedPro software via cable. Calibration is no longer necessary after the initial installation, and any interference, such as with wireless connections, is also avoided. False triggers and false measurements are practically impossible!

Can the SpeedCourt be combined with force plates?

By adding force plates to SpeedCourt, additional qualitative data can be collected in situations close to the game. This is an added value that is particularly useful in the field of rehabilitation and research.

Can the GlobalSpeed systems be combined with other measuring instruments?

All measurement and training systems deal with the subject of speed in different ways. In order to increase the value of SpeedCourt, SpeedTrack, etc., we work closely with companies from the biomechanical measurement technology sector. Movement and video analysis systems in particular provide valuable additional data, which is useful for rehabilitation.

Are there any license fees for the software?

The SpeedPro software is included in the total package of all speed systems. There are NO ongoing license fees for its functionality.

Is it possible to rent the SpeedCourt?

On request and under given conditions, the SpeedCourt can be rented in a portable version for a period of time to be defined.

Is certification according to §20 in the field of rehabilitation possible?

A certification according to §20 by the General Office Test Centre Prevention (ZPP) is guaranteed.

Are there any studies on the SpeedCourt?

GlobalSpeed has been cooperating with renowned universities worldwide for many years. Together with our nationally and internationally represented partners, numerous studies have already been conducted. If you are interested in existing studies or in conducting new research, please contact us.

Does GlobalSpeed offer own speed training?

We carry out individual test and training sessions in our showroom on request. Furthermore, we refer to our national and international customers.

Where can I train on the SpeedCourt?

Contact us and we will provide you with information about testing and training opportunities in your area.

Quick thoughts and fast adequate action can be elementary factors for success – not only in sports, but also in daily life.

It is now scientifically proven that our motor skills and fitness also significantly influence the so-called cognitive factors – and vice versa. As sports scientists and sports engineers, GlobalSpeed has been developing and elaborating technologies and concepts for over 10 years in order to be able to achieve precise test results and measurable training progress in sports, and here in particular in the area of multidirectional and cognitive speed.
After decades of essentially measuring linear sprint and vertical jump in sports science, we created a technology-methodology concept that is unique and unrivaled to date with the development of SpeedCourt, especially for game sports and for rehabilitation programs.

With our pioneering spirit, combined with customer proximity, the demand to always produce maximum quality and the creativity to continuously provide further innovations, we are the leading specialists in the field of data-based game-related speed – We Know Speed!

Do you still have any questions?
Get in contact with us!